If your supplies are in our managed list, you will have a dedicated account manager who will answer any energy & water related queries. We have answered some of our frequently asked questions below.

We include most suppliers in our tender processes who are competitively priced and also offer a good level of customer service which is expected to last the entire contract period. We provide reports at the end of our negotiations which include at least the three most competitive suppliers during our tenders.

Our tender processes consider at least one green energy supplier and also 100% renewable options offered by most suppliers which usually comes at a small premium. We will always follow our clients’ instructions relating to their green energy purchasing requirements.

We are very different. Our clients benefit from our bulk buying power since we group supplies into very large tenders. Our market knowledge enables us to recommend opportunities to secure supply contracts at the right time based on market movements. Our industry knowledge assists with further saving opportunities in addition to the price negotiations. We provide a complete service by assisting with all paperwork, monitoring copy bills, answering any energy & water related queries and more.

For similar reasons provided above concerning how we are different to a price comparison site. Our company has been established for over 30 years and our clients benefit from our bulk buying power, market knowledge, industry knowledge and experience.

As part of our service, clients can forward meter reads to us and we will forward these reads to the relevant suppliers for more accurate billing purposes.

We can provide clients with copy bills they are missing during contract periods we negotiated and, where necessary, assist with gathering historical data going as far back as possible or is required.

We recommend budget figures to clients for their energy and water supplies upon request. These calculations will be based on previous usage information we hold for the relevant supplies.

Yes. All our clients have at least one dedicated account manager who can assist with any energy & water related queries concerning supplies within our managed lists.